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WPA Cracking with Pyrit on Amazon EC2 GPU instances

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Recently I’ve been playing around with running Pyrit on Amazon EC2 GPU instances. It’s quite easy, and to streamline the process I created this script. First of all, provision a new instance. I chose the basic, GPU enabled instance runnig Amazon Linux. Once it’s all up and running, SSH into it and run the following script to install Pyrit:

#!/bin/sh -e

Pyrit Install (Amazon GPU Instance)

sudo yum install subversion python-devel openssl-devel zlib-devel libpcap-devel

svn checkout pyrit_svn wget

unzip -d scapy

cd pyrit_svn/pyrit python build sudo python install

cd ../cpyrit_cuda sed -i -e “s:/NVIDIA_INC_DIRS \= []:NVIDIA_INC_DIRS \= [’/opt/nvidia/cuda/include’]:” python build sudo python install

cd ../../scapy/*/ sudo python install cd ~/

echo “FOR DISTERIBUTED PROCESSING:” echo “Open TCP port 17935 on all machines” echo “On the master server, add the IP addresses of the slaves in .pyrit/config” echo “Set rpc_server = true on all machines” echo “” echo “Start the slaves with pryit serve” echo “Run pryit benchmark on the master server to see if it all works”

end 0

(Yes I know I probably did a million things wrong, but it works!)